Award-Winning Texas Exotic Game Hunting Ranch

North Texas Outfitters of Chico Texas owned and operated by Paul and Chris Cantrell are the original North Texas outfitters in Texas . We have no affiliation with the newly formed North Texas Outfitters located at 473 clountz lane pottsboro Tx 75076.
North Texas Outfitters has been providing rifle, pistol, crossbow, black powder and bow hunting adventures on our ranch located just outside of Chico, TX for over 30 years. We offer 25+ species of record book class native and exotic game from four continents, such as axis deer, blackbuck antelope, fallow deer, red deer, aoudad and various sheep including red, Armenian, mouflan, Texas dall, black Hawaiian, Corsican, four horn (Jacob's ram) and ibex. We also provide hunting for the Super Exotics such as scimitar horned oryx, water buffalo, elk, bison, addax and watusi.

The ranch is situated among the oak covered hills of North Central Texas and offers heavily wooded areas, as well as open vistas that provide good grazing for the game. This combination of cover offers our hunters a challenging hunt no matter which species is hunted. Hunting is conducted in a fair chase manner by spot and stalk, safari style or in permanent stands. (Hunter's choice) Our intense management program ensures there is plenty of nutrition and water for the game. Only mature animals are hunted, giving the younger trophies time to produce record class headgear any hunter would be proud to display in a trophy room.

All hunts are fully guided. Our No Kill...No Pay policy insures that the hunter only pays for the game he/she successfully hunts. If there is no game taken only the lodging charges would apply. Our success rates run very high.

Our convenient location just an hour Northwest of Ft. Worth, Texas means we are only a short 1.5 hour drive from D/FW International Airport. Driving distance from Dallas, Texas is only 1.5 hours as well. Pickup and return service is available for a fee. There are several smaller, private airports within close proximity to the ranch such as Jacksboro, Bridgeport and Decatur.

We hope this web site will answer any questions about hunting with North Texas Outfitters. Please take the time to look over the whole site and learn more about our operation. If you have any questions we would love to hear from you. Just call Chris at 940-507-0269, drop us an email or fill out the Book A Hunt form for a quick response. Most of all, we want to thank you for considering us for your next Texas exotic game hunt!